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Two. Day. Hangover.

Other than that, MadUps are great! I seem to get more inappropriate with each one. 1st: Mild groping. 2nd: Groping plus a snog. 3rd: Too much groping to remember and two snogs. Two really good snogs. In front of my husband. Is that good or bad?

There are so many things that are wonderful about a MadUp. People overcame so many obstacles to be there. They all conquered high levels of anxiety, got on trains, navigated central London (not exactly a relaxed city), and ultimately wandered up to a bunch of people they had never met before and asked if they were mad.

I only know how I felt. I was nervous. There were some shallow reasons and there were the usual MadUp reasons. There were people there who have acquired almost mythical status for me. People I have stalked followed for years. You know what? They’re normal people! (Yes, I have learned this lesson before, when I delivered a rocking chair to Seaneen.)

But these normal people are truly amazing. I mean, really amazing. Enough about that. Let’s not get sentimental.

Fuck, you know, I’ve written about this in spurts, because it’s impossible to do justice to it. I just went to get more wine and had an inspirational thought. But I forgot it. Your loss.

Did I mention the epic hangover? I actually didn’t drink any alcohol on Sunday. I know, right? I accept your medals. I did drink one teeny glass of wine on Monday though. For medicinal purposes only. I couldn’t think of anything else that would cure The Epic Hangover Of Doom.

Nothing inspirational. It’s just… I love this group of people. We started off in a somewhat sedate manner. This rapidly morphed into … laughter. Some of of us were drunk, some weren’t. Some were raucous, some weren’t. Some were loud, some weren’t. But all laughed.

Isn’t that wonderful?

And throughout the laughter, the snogging, the alcohol or otherwise, friendships were made. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

[Oh, the cling film thing? That would be Diff. Something about bodies being wrapped in cling film because someone thought they would be more comfy that way. Probably better not to ask.]