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I’m supposed to be revising, and I am… sort of. But it’s 2pm and it’s not going well. At least, it’s kind of going well, because I came across some notes from class that have WTF??? written next to them and I now understand them. Unfortunately, I’m supposed to understand about five times as much of the WTF-inducing awfulness by now and this crap takes ages to sink into my little brain. Last year, Bippidee was highly amused by my manic laugh. Now would be an appropriate time for it to make an appearance – there’s enough pressure and a sense of impending doom. It’s not here though. What is here is some classic avoidance.

Here we have an example of my avoidance this week:

When I should have been revising all the things, I was actually doing that. And yesterday, when I was revising cosmology and how the world is generated in time (muwahahahaaaa – that’s the thing I thought I understood at the beginning of this post, but now have realised I actually don’t) and how because of that it’s clear that God exists (okaaaaaaaaaay), so while I was doing that, I did this:

I know. I’m amazing. My capacity for avoidance creativity knows no bounds. And now I’m alternately writing this and talking on Twitter. Trying not to look at these squiggles:

Clicky to embiggen

I’ve avoided seeing people too, especially people who may hate me. There was a massive debate with my brain last night and this morning – to go to church or not to go to church. Went with not in the end. Hid at home with my dressing-gown-ing and not-showering.

So anyway, WG has kindly smited (smote? smitten? smitted?) me. If more of you could do the same I’d be grateful. It is within my power to learn this stuff, even though I haven’t understood much any of it all year. I know this because it happened in my undergraduate degree. Hated a course (and the lecturer) all year, came dangerously close to walking into the exam, writing my name and leaving, but taught myself the entire thing in a couple of weeks and got a first. Sometimes teaching yourself is the way to go, instead of relying on useless, so-called ‘teachers’.

On that note… If any of you see me posting stupid pictures on Facebook or Twitter this afternoon, I challenge you to find new and inventive ways to smite me.