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Mother sent me a text telling me all about what a wonderful time they’re having. The sisters posted on Facebook all about what a wonderful time they’re having. And tonight’s evening session was filmed and is on the telly now. No, I am not watching it. It would just make me feel more sad.

So the plan now is to not dwell on things that make me feel sad. I can’t really not dwell on things that make me feel stressed, what with spending the next month writing this really stressful thing and therefore needing to think about it a little bit. But not sad. Sadness can fuck off.

So instead I’ll think about the four days hubby and I are going to spend in a field. We went camping for the first time last year and luuuuuuuuurved it. Admittedly, last year’s campsite offered the mostest awesomest scrumpy cider ever so that will be hard to top, but this year we have a tent we can stand up in so we won’t have to crawl around in the mud anymore. Bonus. Do you know how hard it is to do that when you wake up in the middle of the night desperate for a piss?

I’ll have to take books with me and spend time making copious notes to type up into a fabulous dissertation when I get back, but I’ll be studying in a field. That makes it better, right? A teeny, tiny, quiet campsite. Quiet. Mmmmmm, quiet. Just over a week to go. That’s what I’ll focus on right now. And when I get back, when I put myself under house arrest to finish that damn dissertation if it kills me, then I’ll find another thing to focus on. And I’ll have my life back before I know it.

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