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We camped, we came back home. We want to go camping again. It wasn’t the best holiday ever – there was a tummy bug for me, and I’ve brought tonsillitis and a streaming cold home with me. There was also some traffic noise, which was disappointing. We hadn’t realised we’d be that close to a road – note to self: pay more attention to maps next time. And I never sleep properly when we camp, no spare room to escape to when hubby snores. Even worse when one night I spent a couple of hours in the loo and another my throat was too sore to let me sleep.

Still! The weather was kind to us. The campsite was small and pretty. We wandered around a wood, had fantastic cider in a fantastic pub and paddled in the sea:

I was also really strict with myself and studied every day, coming home with nearly 3,000 words. I even got my conclusion one day which excited me. Yes, this is exciting.

I feel rubbish though. It’s harder studying when my temp’s up and I have to pause to blow my nose every three minutes. Never mind! The end is in sight!

And as I have now got 8,000 words (I’m trying not to think that maybe half of them are repetitions of the other half) maybe we can afford to have another few days camping before I go back to work. I’ve found another teeny campsite we could try out…