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I love Easter.

Christmas. The man who was with God, was God, in the beginning of time, had been together with God for an eternity, became a human. God with us.

Good Friday. This man, who had always been in communion with God, not just for the 30-something years he’d been a human, but for the eternity with God in the heavens, became everything that is wrong with the world, everything that is wrong with humanity. He carried all of the horror of this life, was beaten beyond recognition, humiliated and then killed. For the first time in an eternity, God chose to turn his face away from this man, to forsake him instead of forsaking me, and because of that he will never, ever turn his face away from me.

Easter Sunday. Everyone who loved Jesus was devastated, grieving, their lives shattered. They went to the tomb and he told them he wasn’t there anymore, why were they there? This man, what a man. His face smiles upon me, will always smile upon me. So glad I have had time to go to church this weekend. 🙂