Catherine wheel


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*Breaks radio silence*

*Sits with fingers poised on keyboard*

*Gets some Doritos*

*Eats some Doritos*

*Looks at knickers online*

*Sits with fingers poised on keyboard*

Man, hard to write when you’ve not done it for a while, innit?

*Daydreams for ten minutes*

Life is stressful and shit and exciting. I haven’t written here because I didn’t know how to, with two things I didn’t think I could write about. 1) Falling out with a friend. 2) Deciding to change career direction in quite a dramatic fashion. These two things happened just a few days after finishing therapy and it’s all been a bit overwhelming really.

Let’s start with the career thing. Thanks to the efforts of a couple of friends one early Sunday morning at the seaside, I decided in the space of an hour that I want to become a social worker. Thanks to the therapy I’ve had, I realised that I am not afraid of doing something like this anymore. Cool, huh? For the last couple of years I’ve been all about the sensible. Well, fak dat shit. I want to do something meaningful. I want to help people and do something that matters. I know, I know, the last time I wrote about job stuff here I was all, not everything has to be about helping people, guilt doesn’t have to rule my life, I could just do a job doing things I quite like and that’s OK.

And that’s still all true. I needed to stop looking through a fog of guilt and fear. But when I started to strip away the layers of guilt and fear, I realised that I still want to do the helping people thing. And when I thought about the things I’d been planning to do, like project management and web stuff and shit like that, I suddenly felt soooooooooooooo relieved that I don’t have to do that. I was so desperate to get out of my job that I was scrabbling around trying to find something that might be maybe at least 30% enjoyable.

Fukkit, I want to be a social worker. So I’m going to go back to uni and do another masters [yes, I know, I’m addicted, stop rolling your eyes like that]. But first I need some experience so I’m applying for ALL the jobs. Man, there are loads of really cool jobs out there. It’s exhausting and exciting.

That other thing. Yeah, the falling out with a friend thing. I really thought I couldn’t mention that here, because we have sooooo many mutual friends and it’s not right and not fair. And I’m not going to write about what happened or her or owt like that. I am just wanting to write about what the fuck has happened to my brain since then. I didn’t want to write about that either because I wondered if writing about it here is actually very attention seeking and woe is me and that would be horrible. But, again, fukkit. It’s my blog, I can do what I like. And after I saw a few friends yesterday, who saw all the stuff I didn’t want to talk about because I didn’t want anyone to be in the middle or uncomfortable and I felt I was responsible for making everybody be fine in every way… well, since that failed and y’all saw it anyway I might as well get it off my chest.

Some words used to describe me have stuck because they are my sore spots and I feel so ashamed. Dammit, I’ve just tried writing a paragraph without any detail about what the words are because, again with the putting people in the middle and attention seeking and not writing about a real person, but the paragraph made no sense. The friend said I’m aggressive, and some other things, but aggressive is the word that haunts me the most. So if I begin to act in a way that might be a bit aggressive I freak out and think about what a horrible person I am. And if anyone even hints at aggression or abrasiveness in me, I freak out then too and start to cry but in an attempt not to cry I get cross, and then I am definitely being abrasive so I really am an aggressive cow and everyone must hate me so then I panic and actually cry and rush off to the loo. Therapy was starting to help me to see myself as a whole person, so I can have some abrasive bits but the abrasive bits don’t rub out the kind bits. I’m both. I’m a whole person, with lots of bits. And now I’m back to being stuck with words like aggressive and uncaring and unkind stuck in my head going round and round and round. [Please, please no cries of YOU’RE NOT AGGRESSIVE, YOU’RE LOVELY, alright?]

Along with the exciting thing and the distressing thing is a stressful thing because work is making me miserable. Relations between me and my boss have hit an all time low and I’m really fucking unhappy. I don’t particularly like saying that because it feels kinda melodramatic, but it is true. I am really unhappy. Not depressed, unhappy. Stress levels have gone through the roof and I realised last night that it wouldn’t take too much to push me into being unable to work. Again. I’m desperate to get out of this job but sticking it out so I leave for the right reason, because I’m a stubborn cow, and also, that’s what being an adult is – life sucks and you just have to get on with it.

I wasn’t sure whether to put this in, but I will, because it’s a Big Thing. Someone at work who has supported me for years and is just epic and wonderful and funny and friendly and knowledgeable and caring has died. I’m gutted.

These things all kicked off at exactly the same time and have almost [but not quite] overridden the therapy stuff. I’m completely knackered. I’ve been ill for over a week, I’ve slept soooooooo much the last few days and my eyes still insist on flickering, which is really disconcerting. It’s like I’m half asleep all the time. And I’m finally melting. Thank you so much to those of you who looked after me yesterday – you collectively mopped me up in the loo, hugged me, talked to me, took me for a walk, calmed me when I lost the plot entirely on the way home and talked to me until 3am so I didn’t go to bed upset.

A few years ago, when a lot of us were finally meeting for the first time, I spent time with a friend who was ill. We hugged a lot. When she was feeling better I said she’s a throw when she’s depressed. You know the ones that you flop over a couch? That. She flops. 🙂 Last night she said that when I’m not right in the head I’m a Catherine wheel. I spin round and round and round, bright and fizzing and faster and faster and faster. Not like a firework that goes up, pops, makes pretty colours and then goes away. I get stuck in an endless fizzing loop. I’m now at the point where I think I’m going to spin off and set fire to somebody’s shed so good job there’s only one more week of work before I go on holiday for two weeks, eh?

All the whelm


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HeaddeskI had a horrible feeling that I might cry in therapy yesterday so an hour before I went I did a meditation, similar to the type I described here. I was all, yeah, my thoughts are totes sorted now. Then I went into therapy and cried. #headdesk

We figured out what’s going on in the end. After this:


Everybody looked at me. And then they were really nice! The others understood and said they know me better now because I’ve been really honest (only took me 14 weeks). And the therapists helped me to understand what’s happened. One said this:

So you’ve got the memories of last year and they’re making you feel sad and scared. And you did a really big thing at work, like really big. I can see your inbox in my head and I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. And you felt horrible doing it because you’ve avoided it for ages. But you did it anyway. And you did another thing and didn’t do the things you would usually do to make yourself feel better and that has made you feel upset and scared and overwhelmed. And you’re giving your all into this therapy. And you’re depressed. And now you’re crying here and being open and vulnerable and that’s scary too. Are you going to give yourself a break? Ever?

Oh. Right. Didn’t think about that.

Back at the start of therapy we talked about acceptance of the shit in our heads. The shit in my head is like a load of really loud bullies. And I decided, reluctantly, to accept that those bullies are probably going to stick around so I’m going to do the therapy and ACCEPT that the bullies will come with me. They’ll make a lot of noise but they’ll come with me and I will try to stop doing the things I usually do to make them go away because that doesn’t work. I’ll do these other things instead, the things our therapists are teaching us about. And now I’ve done some of those things and actually, I hadn’t really thought about the fact that the bullies will get really fucking loud when I do that. So I panicked.

All the thoughts. All the memories. All the feelings. All the fucking time. And trying really fucking hard to just live with them. And feeling so depressed I’m frightened it’s going to swallow me. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Apparently this is normal and I’m doing really well and I should be a bit nicer to myself and maybe even recruit other people to be extra nice to me. And the others are cheering me on and I’m cheering them on and that’s lovely.

One of my favourite bands, Rend Collective, has a new album out and I’ve been listening to it the last couple of days. I think it’s their best album yet. It feels packed full of emotion. One song is particularly outstanding. Here it is. It’s inspired by another favourite song of mine. I’ll type the words out below because they’re amazing and so beautiful and and so perfect for me. Balm for my sad and scared spirit.

By grace alone somehow I stand
Where even angels fear to tread
Invited by redeeming love
Before the throne of God above
He pulls me close with nail-scarred hands
Into His everlasting arms

When condemnation grips my heart
And Satan tempts me to despair
I hear the voice that scatters fear
The Great I Am, the Lord is here
Oh praise the One who fights for me
And shields my soul eternally

Boldly I approach Your throne
Blameless now I’m running home
By Your blood I come
Welcomed as Your own
Into the arms of majesty

Behold the bright and risen Son
More beauty than this world has known
I’m face to face with Love Himself
His perfect spotless righteousness
A thousand years, a thousand tongues
Are not enough to sing His praise

Boldly I approach Your throne
Blameless now I’m running home
By Your blood I come
Welcomed as Your own
Into the arms of majesty

This is the art of celebration
Knowing we’re free from condemnation
Oh praise the One, praise the One
Who made an end to all my sin

Boldly I approach Your throne
Blameless now I’m running home
By Your blood I come
Welcomed as Your own
Into the arms of majesty

Kindly violent. Violently kind.


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ACK! I’ve been trying to write this for DAYS! Alright, two days, but it still counts because it’s plural. Technically three, ackshewally, because the first attempt was scrawled on the back of a knitting pattern in a campervan. But it comes out shit every time, maybe because I try to explain things too much and I haven’t had enough sleep for that. So here’s the less articulate version.

We’re doing values in therapy, right. Mmmhmm, fine, what the fuck is that? It’s the things I really care about, the things I want to define my life, to define who I am. I could go on about how hard this bit of the therapy is and how much I’m not enjoying it but I’ll pick on one bit of it instead of brain farting all over the keyboard for days.

Kindness is one of my values. I want kindness to be stamped on me so it’s the first thing anyone sees. I want to be kind. I want the people I love to be treated kindly. I get very angry when I see unkindness and I want to undo it. If I had to overhear someone describe me (which I hope I never do because eurgh) I’d want them to say I’m kind.

But I am violent.

This is like a horrible tear inside me. I want to be one thing but I am another. And as I thought that I remembered a verse from the Bible, something Paul says about himself: “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” (Romans 7:15)

Nailed it.

Violent might not be a word people would use to describe me because it’s not like I go about talking about the thoughts and images in my head, although I have a bit and some of you know. A psychiatrist once described my thoughts as obsessive and violent (in a graphic imagery sense, not an axe-wielding murderer sense). I’m not turning this post into a confession, it’s not about that. It’s about the one thing and the other thing and how can both be true? Every time I have a horrible thought I get distressed and think, how can I be kind when I just thought that? I’d better scrub kindness off the values list. When a counter kind thought appears, even if it’s a thought that makes me feel intensely sad, I am relieved.

I do all sorts of things to not be a horrible person. I ‘fess up, I apologise, I check things and ask things and other things but essentially, it’s one thing or the other, it can’t be both. I’m either kind or violent, can’t be both.

And then along comes therapy and blows my mind. And now I’m in a battle of wills. It’s like when you first get glasses and all of a sudden you can see stuff a bit better and it makes you wince a bit because it’s too sharp and clear. Therapy makes me see stuff and it gives me alternatives so every time I have a thought I have to choose. It’s not just the thoughts of today’s post either, it’s all of them, FFS. This shit is the opposite of everything ever.

To change tack a bit, there’s a meditation I tried out a few days ago. I was sitting in a camping chair with trees all around me and I thought I’d give it a go, even though it’s different from what I’ve been doing so far. It’s about loving kindness and it turns out it’s a Buddhist thing, so I went slowly so I could assess it as I went along. It’s the first time anything religious has entered my mindfulness practice.

Anyway, get back to the point, Narky, FFS. I chose the loving kindness one because I was thinking about this kindness-violence thing. I didn’t actually finish the whole thing because it started to rain and then I went inside and banged my head on the ceiling and then I banged my knee on the table and knocked the table off its slot on the wall and then I couldn’t get it back on the wall and then I swore a lot and then I wasn’t in the mood to be loving or kind so I watched Come Dine With Me and swore at the people on that.

I managed about 25 minutes of the mediation. And I really liked it. I adapted it as I went along. First the man said to imagine someone who loves me unconditionally and at first I thought of Mr Narky but then I thought of Jesus and I stayed with him instead. It was Easter and last Easter was so monumentally awful and it was playing on my mind and I felt down and wondered if Easter would ever be free of that again so I hoped that maybe this might help me to bring Jesus back into Easter for me, see if he could replace my own suicide.

So I imagined Jesus loving me unconditionally and I imagined what that felt like, to be loved. I imagined lots of things. And I felt that I was allowed to imagine these things because therapy has given me permission for kindness to be directed towards myself as well as towards others. I can at least practise when I’m sitting on a camping chair surrounded by trees, at Easter.

The man in my mp3 player then told me to imagine that I was giving this unconditional love to people, as well as receiving it. And I thought of loving Jesus and I remembered that Jesus said that the most important commandments are to love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love my neighbour as myself. So I imagined what it might be like to love him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. And then I brought to mind some of the people I love and I imagined directing my love at them. And then I imagined some of the people who have hurt me and I directed a teeny bit of love at them, or rather, I imagined an expanding circle of love coming from Jesus and me sitting next to each other, and gradually encompassing more people in it.

And then I thought, but that loving my neighbour thing, it has that bit at the end, about loving them as myself. Love and kindness, love and kindness, love and kindness. If I love other people as I love myself, I can’t be doing a very good job of loving them. So although I didn’t practise loving myself, because I don’t know what that looks like, I did practise kindness towards myself. Not in a wanky self-care way. But in a way that fits with the person I want to be. I want to be kind. So I kindly allowed myself to imagine Jesus giving me a cuddle. I kindly allowed myself to imagine Jesus smiling at me. I kindly allowed myself to imagine Jesus whispering ssshhhhhh to me.

There were some words to repeat:

May I be safe and protected and free from inner and outer harm.
May I be happy and contented.
May I be healthy and whole to whatever degree possible.
May I experience ease of wellbeing.

I knew I didn’t feel comfortable with these words, because they are like wishes and I don’t believe wishes mean anything. So I decided, as I was imagining Jesus, to turn them into prayers. I prayed:

May I be rooted and established in love.
May I know how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ for me.
May I know that the God who called me is faithful and he will do it.

These are Biblical verses from Ephesians and 1 Thessalonians. After praying these words for myself, I prayed them for other people as I imagined the circle of love expanding outwards from me and Jesus.

Then I went inside out of the rain and did all the banging and swearing.

I wrote about that meditation in this post because it’s one way of addressing my inability to live with both the kindness and the violence inside me. It’s one way. It’s really, really hard, I can’t describe how hard. To try to move away from the I AM KIND or I AM VIOLENT mindset, the mindset that makes me fight to not be violent. I’m going to try it again because it was also one way of being able to learn how to pray and that was very satisfying because I’m not very good at praying. Maybe because it’s a very kind thing to do.

*Cringes mindfully*


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It’s been a while since I wrote here, partly because I can’t be arsed and partly because I would write about some of the therapy stuff but feel uncomfortable because of all the people I know who hate mindfulness and stab it to death every chance they get. Every time I’ve come to write here I’ve seen a tweet bashing mindfulness, and then I delete my post. Some criticisms are just that, criticisms. Others, from what I’ve seen, come out of nowhere and don’t seem to have much point except to have a 140-character eye roll. Objectively I’m fine with this. I’ve criticised CBT. I think it’s shit. I am aware that I’m a complete hypocrite because I’ve bashed CBT but now that I see people bashing mindfulness with the same ferocity if not more, I want to shrink inside my shell. I wish I wasn’t the person who can’t stay emotionally separate from that, taking things personally, seeing every criticism of mindfulness as a criticism of me for learning mindfulness, arguing inside my head with almost every tweet I see, but there you go. I am that person. (Edit: This isn’t directed at anyone in particular. People are entitled to all the opinions they want. This is a reflection of my reactions, not what other people should or should not do.)

*Whispers* I’ve actually been trying mindfulness to shut that paranoid, argumentative person up. 😉

Imagining what people might think when they read this post makes me stop writing. Including the thoughts of the people who think mindfulness is the best thing ever! Because then that gets preachy and I’m not interested in converting other people to the wonders of mindfulness. I’ll concentrate my energies on converting y’all to Jesus instead. *Sniggers*

So for now I’m going to pretend that none of you have any opinions on mindfulness at all, ‘k?

I had a blip. The therapists called it a relapse, but I’m still calling it a blip. They also said that the best time to have a relapse is when you’re in therapy, so yay me. *Happy face*

I slipped right back into being the daft bint everyone knows I am. Everything therapy-related lay sadly abandoned in a ditch. I cried, I obsessed over what people were thinking of me, I sat around feeling alternately sad and angry, I ranted, I blamed myself for everything ever, I stopped sleeping, I drank, er, a lot, I panicked at church until I lost feeling in my arms, I decided I’m a complete failure and can’t do anything, etc. The usual. I’m still kind of there and I think I made myself ill because I’ve been feeling crap for days, but I am mindfulnessing again.

On work days I tend to do my little meditations on the train. They’re just ten minutes and I like one of the guys a lot. I like the way he talks, I like his accent, I like the tone of his voice and I like that he has been able to explain what the hell I’m trying to do in a way I can understand. When I hear some other people talk about it I want to either throw up or punch them or both.

It’s just different, it’s a completely different way of living in my mind. There are other elements to the therapy too and I have been testing them out, finding things that fit me. I like how non-prescriptive the therapy is. We learn some stuff, we talk about it, we practise it, shape it to ourselves and talk about it some more. I like it. (As well as sometimes getting very cross with it, natch.) I’ve been testing a couple of the meditations this week. There’s often imagery involving water. I like imagery, I have a very visual imagination so anything that can hook onto that is good. (Although it can backfire, maybe another post on that, it’d make this one stupidly long, verbose windbag that I am.)

Meditation guy describes the mind as a thought stream, with individual thoughts being like whirlpools and eddies. I don’t have to flow downstream with them. When I realise that I am, I can get back out and sit on the bank. So I’ve been practising this. The first thing I do in the meditation is listen for a few minutes. I’ve done it in the garden and on the train. I listen and observe all the sounds. When I notice I’ve drifted away I pull myself back and start listening again. Usually I avoid listening at all costs and have my mp3 player on to drown everyone else out. After a few minutes I stop noticing sounds and use the same technique to observe my thoughts. It’s different from the usual breathing and noticing thoughts and then going back to focusing on breathing. A bit weird, but it’s been an interesting change. I notice the thoughts, keeping the image of the stream in my mind. Yesterday, after a meeting with my boss, he popped into my thoughts over and over again. Irritation, frustration, anxiety, embarrassment… usually I’d spend my entire train journey reliving my meeting with him and get home feeling really wound up. So I thought of him as water hitting a rock, causing splashes and pissing off a duck. 😀 And when I found I was splashing around too, I imagined myself getting out of the water and sitting back on the bank, watching.

Sounds simple, sounds naff, sounds slightly nauseating. But it’s not really so different from things I’ve thought up myself over the years. When I can’t sleep I sometimes imagine each thought as a nasty bird and I stand and smash them all with a bat as they swoop at me, popping them into puffs of feathers like in the Harry Potter films. Satisfyingly violent. 🙂 But of course, because this is done in a mindfulness meditation, it’s mindfully vomit-worthy.

It’s… different. It’s teaching me how to stop being so caught up in thoughts and feelings and memories. That’s what happened in my blip. I just went along with whatever shit my mind conjured up for me, I let my mind go unrestrained for a while. Maybe just because I was tired. It’s hard to do this stuff, it’s an all day, every day sort of deal. I try to remember what the therapists say – we’re just practising, I don’t have to be perfect… So yesterday I practised the breathing one and the listening one. This morning I practised an awareness of the body one, which was uncomfortable because I became more aware of my sore throat. I might do the listening one again on my way home. I’ve found more of this guy’s meditations online too (I’m not giving his name in case people bash him) so maybe I’ll broaden my repertoire.



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So I’m in therapy, right. And you know how I was all the good student and knowing all the answers and doing all the homework and kind of missing the point? Well, actually I’m getting into it now. And kind of having to nibble at a few of my cynical words over the years. What’s that you say? MINDFULNESS? *Coughs*

We have to do these mindfulness meditations. I have a CD with nine short thingies on it. A few different people, bit of a taster. There is the usual focus on your breathing stuff, notice the thoughts, don’t judge the thoughts, gently guide your thoughts back to the breathing, you know the drill. And I was trying but not really getting what all this wanky stuff is really about, mind wandering, judging the mind for wandering, judging the judging of the mind wandering, getting bored, pfffft. And then one of the mindfulnessy people said that the mind wandering is not doing mindfulness wrong, it’s actually fine because that’s what minds do. They’re training us to notice what the mind does, to become more intimately familiar with our own minds! Ooooooooooh, never heard it put that way before.

And that’s some of what we’re doing in therapy. They’re trying to help us know our minds better. We, groupily, have a tendency to find ourselves feeling something and not really knowing why or how we got there. We just feel all the feels and then get stuck. So stage 1 is notice what the mind does. THAT’S IT. Whoa.

Then last week the therapists went into some stuff about “de-fusing” ourselves. Un-sticking. Become a bit more observant and start to notice the thoughts, the feelings, the images, the memories. Then do some stuff to help un-stick ourselves. I’m not going to describe this because I just tried to and it does look wanky and it still feels kind of wanky and I don’t want whoever reads this to be all frowny about the wanky. Anyway, I’ve been practising and it’s fucking hard work.

And I’m still doing the mindfulness practices. There’s an American woman who annoys me because because she’s telling me to do something, like focus on something that feels really shit but she doesn’t stop talking so I can’t do it because her voice is prattling away in my ear. I’ll listen to her again because the stuff she says is interesting but I frown at her a lot. She’s going on about actually focusing on difficult things. So doing the breathing and thinking about the breathing and then when the mind wanders, actually poking our noses into whatever shitty thing it decides to spend time on, instead of just noticing it and then focusing on breathing again. Like, actually look at the scary things? For whole minutes at a time? Feel them? :O It’s really hard and I suck at it so far. I can be panicking about all the things, thinking about all the miserable things but when some woman tells me to do that I go blank. I can see why we’re doing it though so I’m keeping on. There’s no challenging of thoughts, no changing anything, but instead it’s really feeling all the everythings, and you know what? THAT’S WORSE! Wouldn’t it be great if CBT actually worked? We wouldn’t bitch about it so much if it did. If we could change our thoughts and then change everything else then our lives would be rosy. This is seeing the worst our minds can conjure up for us and then going there and poking it! *Stares*

But I’m doing it because I feel like I have a chance now. There’s a fuckload of stuff yet to come in this therapy so it’s not all about the breathing – HOORAY, because I have a lot of reservations about mindfulness, particularly when used on its own and when people sing its praises from the rooftops, telling us all how recovered we’ll be if we do everything mindfully. *Rolls eyes* There is no mention of recovery in this therapy. In fact, the pessimistic bastards tell us we’ll be fucked in the head forever.

This was going to link into summat else but I can’t be arsed now. Maybe later. DON’T JUDGE ME ON THE MINDFULNESS STUFF, K?




So I started therapy, right. Three sessions so far. And I’ve been having a really shitty week, right, with a fairly shitty week before that, and standard shitty the week before that.

I might as well have been the fucking therapist this week. We were asked to recap for someone who wasn’t there last week, some people hesitantly offered a thing, then I gave a rundown of the whole thing, practically memorised as if from a text book. Eternal student, anyone? I got nods and smiles from the therapists. Go me, star pupil. [ETA: I’ve just remembered that I even referred to our home practice as a test and then froze in horror, which made them laugh.]

I can see past what people say to what they mean and I can tell when people just don’t get what the therapists are saying, with their words and metaphors and shitty little drawings. (Not that the therapists are shit, they’re not. I like them. This isn’t a post about the actual therapy.) I know exactly what is someone’s sticking point, and even holding myself back, sometimes I have to explain the thing, even if it’s just with a better metaphor, FFS. Again, nods and smiles from the therapists.

I explained to them last week that I am perfectly capable of understanding what they’re teaching us. I pick stuff up quickly, I know exactly what I’m doing, how it relates to the therapy, how the therapy is supposed to help, why I like the therapy in theory, and that understanding stuff has absolutely no effect whatsoever on my particular brand of crazy. 

I can’t help but want to help the others in the group. I unexpectedly like being part of a group. I like not feeling lonely. I’ve never come across people I can identify with like I can with this lot, not even fellow mentals. Almost with one friend, but not quite like this. I have more compassion for these people than I do for myself and my insight combined with compassion turns me into a pseudo-fucking-therapist.

And then there’s my life outside the ‘classroom’.

The really shitty week. There was the neurotic and then there was the depressed and this week there’s been the meltdowns and the not sleeping and the slurred speech and the getting out of bed but not functioning. I think I *might* not have been as prepared for my colleagues moving over to me as I thought I was. I thought I was doing quite well with it, until I didn’t sleep at all on Monday night and then had to sit down before I fell down at a train station the following morning. I thought maybe I was just feeling sick and dizzy because of the lack of sleep, but I started crying when I finally made it onto the tube and then froze in another train station and realised there was a chance this was a panic attack. Course, I went to work anyway. Sitting with my head between my knees in the middle of London is not a good enough reason to go back to bed.

Colleagues moving here has made me feel like I’ve gone back in time. Working with them, but not actually with them, was stressful and horrible before. Noise is always stressful. Time spent with my boss is usually stressful. I manage this by seeing him as infrequently as possible, and keeping myself reserved while I’m with him. My mentor has even been coaching me in this. All her advice is to keep both bosses as far away from me as possible, giving them what they need and nothing more. Now he’s next door to me, watching, disapproving.

My brain is behaving as though I have actually gone back in time. My mentor has been unable to meet me for a few weeks so I’ve had no one to help boost me. Going into therapy, knowing that if my GP saw me now she’d sign me off work immediately, and then being a good little student completely unable to make the link between understanding and ‘getting’… that does my fucking head in and amuses me in equal measure. 😀

PS. I felt a strong urge to blog about this because I had to stop myself laughing like a loon in the session yesterday but I feel a bit weird posting it, for reasons entirely neurotic, so I might delete it.  😛